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As salamu aleiykum

Noble James Johnson, Jr.
Imperial Deputy of the Desert

Welcome to the official website of the Georgia Desert Conference of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, North and South America and its Jurisdiction, Inc. The Desert Conference of Georgia consists of 11 Temples and 10 Courts who have faithfully served the community of Georgia for more than 100 years. Our Temples and Courts are strategically located in all major cities across the state to better serve the community and have a direct impact on social matters. Some of our activities include youth mentoring, supplying food to shelters, family adoptions during Thanksgivings and Christmas seasons, toy give-a-ways, etc. In some of our cities we have partnered with other charitable organizations such as the local NAACP chapter, Churches, Safe Houses, and Schools. This collaboration has greatly enhanced the delivery of benevolence to needy families and at risk youths.

Additionally, our parent Organization has four philanthropic projects where all constituent Temples and Courts participate. These projects donate thousands toward diabetes medical research, educational grants / scholarships and voter registration/education.

Again, welcome to our Desert. Browse the site and sign our guest book.

Aleiykum As Salam

Upcoming Events

Georgia Desert Conference Gala

Oasis of Atlanta Hosting
Date:2018-05-03 ~ 2018-05-05
Please participate in the Desert T-Shirt Sale. oopsoops
$20 donation!


Across Domain
Date:2018-05-13 ~ 2018-05-13

National Jubilee Day Service 2018

Throught Domain
Date:2018-06-03 ~ 2018-06-03


Across Domain
Date:2018-06-17 ~ 2018-06-17

Deep South Shrine Coalitioin

Jackson, MS
Date:2018-07-13 ~ 2018-07-15
235 West Capitol Street, Jackson, MS 39201.
For more details see Deep South Shrine Coalition Facebook POST on 5 Jan 2018.

125th Imperial Council Session

New Orleans, Louisiana
Date:2018-08-17 ~ 2018-08-23
Housing and registration info can be found HERE.